Real Story Network is the world’s leading independent network of story professionals.

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We find true stories and real characters for global editorial and entertainment channels, and the world’s leading brands.


Casting +

As we enter a golden age for the documentary led by Netflix and Amazon and as brands increasingly put real people at the heart of their campaigns, a new service is needed.

Unlike traditional casting, we don’t just focus on a ‘look,’ we go more than skin deep to find people and stories that audiences truly connect with.   


How It Works

RSN is a global network made up of journalists, documentary story researchers and casting producers.  

Reactive – we work with large corporations to bring the rigour and due diligence they require to find and approve individuals for global campaigns.  

Proactive – we work independently to seek the most compelling and engaging untold stories for directors, broadcasters and editorial partners brought to life in both branded and independent films.


Who We Work With


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If you're interested in joining our journalist network, or you have a brief that you'd love the network to take a look at, get in touch.